In the Beginning…

Like all good church stories, this one starts with “in the beginning…” ☺️

A photo of Union Lake Baptist Church

This is a photo of Union Lake Baptist Church. It’s way bigger than what you can see here. There’s a gym, an education wing, and some office space. What’s pictured here is just the sanctuary.

ULBC is an independent Baptist Church. It’s not part of the Southern Baptist convention. Usually in the 1970s and 1980s Baptist churches that were independent were like this because they felt that the Southern Baptist Convention was too liberal. (A weird concept today, I know, but it was kinda true back then!)

I spent a lot of time in this building! Like any good evangelical kid I was there a few days a week. Sunday morning, always, and usually Wednesday evening, too. Sunday nights were also an option, depending on what was going on.

My family were members at ULBC from 1984 until 1993. So much of my childhood was spent here.

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