About Me

Hi! My name is April. I’m an apostate.

I’m a former member of the evangelical church. (Southern Baptist for folks that wanna know.) The term I like to use to describe myself is an “Exvangelical,” which is a term I learned on Twitter. It literally means “Ex-evangelical.” Sometimes people shorten this to “exvie,” which I also like ’cause it’s kinda cute.

In my professional life I’m a former Operations Engineer who joined the dark side and now works in management. (They still haven’t given me the cookies I was promised!) I’ve worked in Operations for over 20 years, and I have a college degree in Computer Science.

I’m LGBT! 🏳️‍🌈 It was the evangelical stance on LGBT issues that led me to leave the flock. I talk about that a lot on this website.

I am an atheist today, but I don’t really view that as important. My purpose in creating this website is to help other people that may be trapped in the same spiral of fear, shame, and guilt that I was see that there is life outside of the flock.

My path is certainly not the only path. I just want people to be happy, healthy, and loved. If you’re able to get that inside of a non-evangelical church, then that’s awesome! That’s just fine, and I’m happy for you. 💜

What does opsnlops mean? It’s the cutest possible combo I could think of of two things I love. Operations engineering and bunny rabbits.